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Stress-Free, Mess-Free Holidays: Busy Moms Guide to Convenience and Joy this Holiday Season

Stress-Free, Mess-Free Holidays: Busy Moms Guide to Convenience and Joy this Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us, and we understand that parents are the real heroes behind the magic.

That's why we've partnered with Embeba and Voyager Milk to bring you stress-free, mess-free holiday tips and hacks.

Our founders have shared their wisdom, and we're here to show you how our three essential products—Happy Grub Squeezable Pancake Mix, Embeba Natural Skincare Products, and Voyager Milk Organic Toddler Milk—are the secret ingredients to a smooth-sailing holiday season.


Start Early:

The early bird catches the worm, and when it comes to holiday planning, starting early is key.

Start buying some gifts in October, and take advantage of the sales in November, so all the expenses don’t hit in one paycheck.

Buy whatever food you can freeze little by little, each shopping trip, so it’s not one big trip to the supermarket days before the big holidays.

Create your holiday crafts when the ideas strike. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your winter wonderland.

You’re getting the theme here, start early and spread out as much as you can!


Budget Wisely:

The holiday season can be financially draining, so setting a budget is crucial. But here's some budget-friendly hacks.  

Involve the kids in making homemade gifts. It not only saves money but adds a personal touch.

Wait until after the holidays and buy some decorations for next year at deep discounts.

Don’t be afraid to venture into your local thrift store. You just might be delighted to find the tree you thought about purchasing at the department store is an eighth of the price at the thrift store. And it might even still be in the box! One man’s, or woman’s trash, is another mans treasure.


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work:

In business and in life, this statement rains true.

Don't carry the holiday preparation load solo—get the whole family involved.

It's not just about lightening your load; it's about creating lasting memories together.

“I remember one year my mother did all the decorations on her own while we were at school to “get it out of the way” during a grueling time. When we told her “We always put our own ornaments up”, it broke her heart and she immediately realized - these traditions are important memories that should be done as a family” – Ashley Davies, Founder of Happy Grub


Choose Convenience:

Convenience is key. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to do everything on your own.

Instead of making breakfast from scratch with all the other baking you have to do, choose Happy Grub, created by a mom to make mealtimes easier.

Instead of worrying if that rash is going to come back at the worst times, choose preventative care with EmBeba’s natural skincare products for Baby, Child, and Adults.

Instead of crying over spilled or spoiled milk, choose Voyager’s 100% organic whole milk developed by pediatricians and designed for on the go travel without refrigeration.


What have we learned?

This holiday season, let planning, convenience, and mirth be your guiding stars.

Start early, and spread-out tasks, purchases, and everything you can. Set a budget and get creative with every dollar and resource. Get the whole family involved and remember it’s easier together - plus you are creating memories that your loved ones will cherish and pass on. Choose products that make your life easier during the busiest time of the year, to help alleviate chores.

Here's to a stress-free, mess-free holiday season filled with warmth, love, and the joy of sharing moments with the ones you hold dear.


Happy holidays from Happy Grub, Embeba, and Voyager Milk!

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