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Mess-Free Pancake Mix in a Bottle

If you're looking for quick and easy breakfast ideas - it doesn't get any better than pancakes in a bottle. Forget the mixing bowl and whisk. Forget the stack of dishes. With an easy-to-pour bottle of pancake mix, all you need is some water, give it a good shake, and pour it onto a hot surface. Read More

It's so easy you can even get the kids involved in the cooking too.

In just a few moments, breakfast is served!

Whether you want a nice stack of pancakes, or whether you love some waffles, our pancake batter is versatile. It's great for pancakes, waffles, cupcakes, and muffins too. Simply pour onto a coated pan or into cupcake cases for your desired treat.

Add a delicious range of toppings to create a wonderfully nutritious snack.

Happy Grub organic pancake mix is full of natural ingredients, combined to create a healthy meal to keep your family energized and enthusiastic about nutritional foods.

Flavored pancakes fill the home with a mouth-watering smell, while the texture is exactly the same as pancakes prepared with traditional (messy!) methods. Kids and adults alike will enjoy the variety of tastes, what's your favorite?

Shop Organic Pancake Batter with Happy Grub

Pancakes are a truly versatile food. Here at Happy Grub, we want to help your family eat nutritionally healthy foods that are full of flavor, convenient, and mess-free. It's our mission to give you a high-quality, organic food option that doesn't require long prep times, or long clean-up times either.

Each squeezy bottle of pancake mix for sale comes with a fine-tip cap that allows you and your children to pour pancakes without the mess that comes with traditional methods. And if you love being creative with food, you'll enjoy being able to create delectable pancake art with the fine tip. Add some flair to your snacks and give the kids edible artwork that's sure to make them smile.

With several flavor options available, you can treat the kids to a different tasty pancake or instant waffle mix surprise throughout the week. We also offer the option to purchase multiple bottles in a pack, so you can stock up on your favorite flavors for the holidays, vacation, or even camping trips.

All you need is access to cool water and a hot surface. Whether it's a pan or a waffle machine, you can create delicious treats at home or on the go.

Happy Grub - The Best Taste of Organic Pancake Mix for Sale

Mornings can be hectic. But you can save time by using our pancake mix bottle. Give yourself more time, while adding some fun to your morning routine. Don't let tidying the kitchen get in the way of a great breakfast time. Having a stock in the pantry also gives you a go-to on those days that you're squeezed a little extra for time.

One bottle of premade pancake mix can make up to 20 pancakes! And if you have some left over, just pop it in the fridge and use it within 3 days.

And once you've finished the pancake mix in a bottle, you can rinse and recycle it with other household waste.

With all-natural, organic waffle mix ingredients, and manufactured in the US, you can have a tasty yet convenient breakfast whilst taking care of your family's nutritional needs.

Order your favorite organic pancake batter flavors today. Read Less