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About Us

Happy Grub is the only Squeezable Instant Pancake Mix

Designed for the whole family, our mix comes in three great flavors: Buttermilk, Yummy Banana, and Apple Cinnamon. Each made of clean ingredients!

Happy Grub is so easy and so much fun. Just pick your flavor, pour water into the bottle, shake it up, and squeeze onto a hot surface. 

Our kid friendly squeeze top bottles allow for easy pancake (or waffle) making, without all the mess. And less mess, means more fun! People of all skill levels can "draw" shapes, letters, numbers and all types of designs right onto the pan. 

Our Mission

To bring families together in the kitchen making mealtime more nutritious, convenient, and fun.

Happy Grub Monsters - make memories not messes

Our Story

Happy Grub is what happens when you take a mom (America's Mom, Ashley Davies) with a knack for creativity and give her the obstacle of squeezing the most out of mealtime. Getting rid of all the prep work that comes with cooking means more family time and more fun.

Always Nutritious and Always Delicious 

Our dry mix contains clean ingredients. Each flavor starts with a buttermilk base, unbleached flour, and whole egg.  

You won't ever find any hard-to-pronounce or unfamiliar ingredients in our mix. 

Giving Back

Choc logo

Happy Grub is proud to support Childrens Hospital of Orange County and their mission to nurture, advance and protect the health and wellbeing of children.

CHOC Hospital in Orange and CHOC at Mission Hospital, is dedicated to working cooperatively-assisting and enriching existing services as well as developing programs to benefit the families of Orange County. Over two million children across four countries count on CHOC to be here when they need them most-regardless of their family’s ability to pay.

Made in the USA

Happy Grub Squeezable Instant Pancake Mix is sourced, produced and packaged all right here in the United States of America.