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Customer Reviews

Based on 684 reviews
Loved it!!

This pancake mix was SO good. My kids love them and they are really good. Not a big chemical taste like with some flavored foods have. Actually tastes like the apple is in the mix instead of some generic "flavoring".


I really enjoyed this product! It's convenient and it was easy to use. My kids loved it too. The pancake mix is healthy and delicious. I would definitely recommend and give it a 10/10. Wish the bottle was larger

Great taste, bad consistency

The water level recommended, particularly for these banana pancakes results in a very watery mix resulting in pancakes that are too thin. We had to add some extra flower to the mix to get nice fluffy pancakes, which defeats the purpose of the product. Have to say the mix itself is quite tasty though.

We have since updated our bottles, directions, and added a fill line to ensure that the water added to the bottle thoroughly mixes the batter, so you can easily squeeze the mix out of the bottle :)

Amy J

I was very excited about these because I have young kids and we go camping frequently. Figured they would be perfect and convenient. Unfortunately I was disappointed. I couldn’t get the batter to mix all the way because it was stuck at the bottom, so I had to mix it with a knife. Then halfway through, the squeeze top became clogged. So I ended up opening the lid and just pouring them onto the pan. Wanted to love this product but unfortunately it missed the mark.

We now have new caps, bottles, updated directions, and a fill line. Our upgrades now ensure the batter mixes all the way through each time, so you can easily squeeze the mix out of the bottle.

Chelsea P
Great taste!

We loved the taste of these pancakes! They were even a little sweet tasting. The kids and adults all enjoyed them! I only gave 4 stars because I kept needing to add water to get the consistency right. I think it was okay at first, but I could only make 3-4 at a time in my skillet, so it seemed to thicken between batches. I also felt like a lot got left behind in the bottle, even with extra water and shaking. Overall taste is a 10/10 and we will almost definitely order again! Made a great Christmas morning breakfast with easy cleanup.