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What is Happy Grub?

A lifestyle brand that offers the only squeezable instant pancake mix.

Why should I use Happy Grub?

If you want mealtime to be mess-free, nutritious, convenient, fun...
Or all the above!

How do I use Happy Grub?

Just add water to our bottle, shake until the water and the dry mix are combined, and squeeze onto a hot surface.

How many pancakes does each bottle make?

About 22 three inch or "silver dollar" pancakes.

Do I have to use all of the mix at once?

Once you add water to the bottle and mix, you can refrigerate for up to 2 days. Happy Grub does not contain any artificial preservatives, only all natural and organic ingredients.

Is Happy Grub Gluten-Free?

Not yet, but our very next flavor will be!

Does Happy Grub include dairy?

Yes, our dry mix contains milk and eggs.

Is Happy Grub Nut-free?

Yes, but our mix is made in a facility that processes nuts.

Can Happy Grub be used on the go?

Absolutely! You can take Happy Grub with you anywhere you have access to water and a hot surface.