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Thank You

kickstart thank you by Happy Grub

Happy Grub was launched and fully funded on Kickstarter, earning the badge of "Project We Love". Kickstarter helps bring creative projects to life while communities come together to fund them.

We at Happy Grub are all about family! And as our brand has grown, so has our family. We would like to thank all of our Kickstarter backers and our newest members to the Happy Grub family! You believed in us and helped us raise over $10,000 to start production of our first bottles and erect our fulfillment center in beautiful Norco, CA.

Sue Ann Rodriguez
Sam Ristich
Dillon Johnson
Brandon Gilliam
Angelica Gilliam
Anthony Cimino
Gerardo Rodriguez
Erin Thomas
Raye Thomas
Kaelyn Tavarez
Barry Davies
Briana Gianelli Beam
Haley Schwartz
Deron Johnson

Kim Terrazas

Jenna Jankuv

Kristin Parker

Catherine Kirakossian

Suzanne Eynon

Laurie Glavin

Melissa Hargreaves

Klarissa Farrand

Dylan Gilliam

Luis Fuentes
Nichole Cimino
Mario Cimino
Christy Gilliam
Jerra Stemmle
Michael Macofsky
McCaslin Mary M
Nicolas Fichtner
Nicole McGrew
Dina Alderman
Stephan Gilliam
Miranda Forner
Fatima Perez
Rita Freay
Lucia Jarrell

Cassandra Lehman

Paulette Salcito


Delilah Hess


Paige Calawat


Barak Baker

Zack Bradford

Jenna Fiordimondo
Maria Pesce
Natalie Anicetti
Jeanine Jernegan
Christine Bolton
Vanessa Thomas
Karen Mayberry
Monty Holden
Victoria Anne Leonard
Tina Spittle
Matt Looney
Mark Anicett
Connor Davies
Vic Salvatore
Lorraine Cimino

Andrea Gladson

Justin Bandt
Steve Miller

Lourdes Elliott

Tracy Loza

Carolyn Johnson

Kelly Dunbar

Annette Coltelli

Danelle Stroschein