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Happy Grub Squeezable Pancake Mix

The Only Squeezable Instant Pancake Mix

Make Memories, Not Messes

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Make Memories, Not Messes


Food Network   "This Squeezable Pancake Mix Is a Total Game-Changer" 


Food & Beverage Magazine   "This is my absolute favorite; it may be my favorite new product of the year"


why squeezable pancake mix?

Happy Grub Makes Mealtime More Nutritious, Convenient, and Fun
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Happy Grub - As Seen on Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars
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a flavor for everyone

Happy Grub - Buttermilk

The mix that started it all and the base for all four flavors. Everyone knows the best kind of pancakes are buttermilk, making for a fluffier and richer pancake. Just like your family recipe, only easier to make, even more fun and notably nutritious.

Happy Grub - Yummy Banana

Bananas are one of the most popular fruits, and with good reason. This flavor is so yummy we had to add it to the name. But don’t take our word for it, try it for yourself!

Happy Grub - Apple Cinnamon

An apple a day, that is what they say! This flavor smells like a crisp fall morning and tastes just like that apple pie you left in the windowsill to cool off.


Our Story 

Happy Grub Story


Happy Grub is what happens when you take a mom (Ashley Davies) with a knack for creativity and give her the obstacle of squeezing the most out of mealtime. Getting rid of all the prep work that comes with cooking means more family time and more fun.

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All Smiles with Happy Grub       Happy Grub - Fun & Functional

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Try all Four Flavors 

Happy Grub Variety Pack


Our variety pack gives you the opportunity to try all four yummy and nutritious flavors. It also gives your family the opportunity to pick their favorites. We encourage you to try all four as your favorite choice may surprise you!

Hear Why People are Loving Our Mealtime Solution

"Happy Grub takes all the work out of making homemade pancakes, so simple and tasty" - Sam F.

"My kids thanked me multiple times while they enjoyed these. I can now make pancakes in the morning before school within minutes" - Jackie B.

"I love these in all aspects. I don't have to get another dish dirty, the flavors are great, and the ingredients are great! My kids love them too" - Erin K.


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