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Exciting News from Ashley Davies - See Her on Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars!

Exciting News from Ashley Davies - See Her on Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars!

Our founder, Ashley Davies, has been receiving national attention for bringing innovation to the pancakes space, and now, we’re thrilled to have even more reason to celebrate as she brings it on Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars, the highly anticipated new competition show that premiered on Fox on May 24th!  

Ashley was selected to compete on the show for her passion and drive behind our solution to mealtime. We've revolutionized the way families can cook together and cast aside the usual mess, with the help of Happy Grub’s innovative and healthy, squeezable instant pancake mix.

Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars is an exhilarating competition show that brings together some of the most talented and innovative food entrepreneurs in the industry. In each episode, watch as aspiring culinary talents go head-to-head, bringing their unique industry skills to the table, to impress not only the discerning taste buds of the judges but also the millions of viewers tuning in. With high stakes, intense challenges, and cut-throat guidance from Gordon Ramsay himself, the show promises to be a rollercoaster ride of flavors, creativity, and competition. It's a platform where culinary dreams come true, and the opportunity for Ashley Davies and Happy Grub to be featured on such a prestigious show is an incredible and humbling achievement.

Appearing on Gordon Ramsay’s Food Stars alongside culinary icon Gordon Ramsay has elevated our brand beyond our wildest dreams, and we can't wait for viewers to witness Ashley's passion and creativity as she competes in each competition alongside other food entrepreneurs. Our hope is that through this platform, it will bring national recognition to our brand and further inspire families to come together in the kitchen, bond over cooking, and create memories that last a lifetime.

We invite everyone to tune in Wednesdays to witness the magic of Happy Grub and support Ashley as she competes among top professionals in the culinary industry each week. Together, let's spread the joy of mess-free family cooking, and of course, eating mouth-watering, healthy pancakes with Happy Grub!

Be sure to follow us and the show accounts on social media for updates:

Official Hashtag: #FoodStars

  • Facebook: @eathappygrub @RealityClubFOX
  • Twitter: @AshleyDaviesHG @RealityClubFOX
  • Instagram: @eathappygrub @realityclubfox
  • TikTok: @eathappygrub @realityclubfox

Read more about Ashley's Food Stars journey in the official press release. Be sure to tune in each week for Gordon Ramsay's Food Stars on Fox! 😎 


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